About Isabella Urgent Care

examIsabella Urgent Care was developed to provide rapid, high quality medical care and service to our community and surrounding areas; when other medical services are not available and the Emergency Room is not a necessity.

Offering Convenience

  • No appointment necessary – walk-ins welcome
  • Offering service when your doctor’s office is closed or can’t fit you in at a time convenient to you
  • We accept most insurance plans
  • Weekend and after hours availability
  • Pay doctor visit co-pays instead of emergency room co-pays
  • Save hundreds of dollars over emergency room charges

Flexible Payment Options

  • We accept many insurances
  • Payments can be made with cash, check, money order or credit card
  • Payment plans may be setup on a case by case basis
  • Please contact us with finance / payment concerns
  • Discounts available for patients with no insurance

A Part of the Community

  • Growing with our community to expand and improve health care
  • Strong focus on quick, quality and compassionate care
  • Striving everyday to find new and more efficient ways to serve patients and their families